After 30 years VISUAL FIXATIONS has closed it's studio doors. Formerly located located in Toronto, Canada's "Little Italy" village district, at VF we specialized in lifestyle, reality, music, documentary, and scripted television. It's been a great ride!

A big THANK YOU to the producers, directors and editors who have made VF their home over the years. In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss; "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

Visual Fixations; PASSION IS NON-LINEAR!


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Visual Fixations was first and foremost service oriented.  As a boutique operation, VF was flexible to the demands of any television project and more than happy to work with producers to support their needs and resolve their challenges.

Utilizing the AJA KONA LHe video card, standard and high-definition non-linear editing was supported. All suites were inter-connected by Ethernet and fibre optic cabling, enablings project files and media to be shared and managed seamlessly via Apple’s XSAN network. Cinema display video monitors and M-Audio BX5 audio monitors present image and sound accurately.

A dual-purpose colour-correction and edit suite featured Sony Trinitron CRT & Apple Cinema Display monitors, the JL Cooper Eclipse trackball controller, black out curtains, and 18% grey walls for marginal colour influence on the eye. Corrections were made transparently with either Apple’s COLOUR software, or in Final Cut Pro’s native software. The AJA KONA 3 Dual-Link video card supported the colour suite allowing for flawless HD/SD conversions.

Located in the ethnically vibrant and trendy College Street West Village district of Toronto, ON Canada, Visual Fixations offered an inspiring team of editors, comfortable and modern edit suites and spacious meeting facilities complete with audio/video screening capabilities.


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