Cooking meals for one disaster after another!




When a disaster strikes, whether natural or man-made, who cares for the care workers? Who feeds the army of professionals brought in to orchestrate and execute a rescue mission? What do you cook for a forest firefighter spending 16 hours a day in extreme heat? And how do you design a meal plan to feed masses of relief workers and volunteers 24/7?  You call THE INCIDENT CATERING COMPANY!
THE INCIDENT CATERING COMPANY is a reality-based television series about the individuals committed to large-scale food service and disaster response in both local and remote locations and under the most adverse conditions. Seen through the eyes of the company owners, their chefs and cooks, some seasoned and battle-hardened caterers, others anxious newbies, it’s a first-person accounting of what it takes to serve the right menu in the right way and under what can be the most strenuous and dangerous of circumstances.


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