Rituals have played a puzzling role in our lives for thousands of years. They soothe, excite, divide and unite us. Ironically, the more painful, the more fulfilling. It goes against our instincts that humans minimize pain and maximize pleasure. We see pain and how we deal with it as being related to value. The power of rituals is that they are instrumental to our growth, self, and community.

EXTREME RITUALS is a groundbreaking documentary television series being developed with leading anthropologist Dimitris Xygalatas, director of UCONN's unique "Experimental Anthropology Lab."

The series is about the men and women who seek out and voluntarily join in extreme rituals to find their place in today's world. Going beyond religious practices to the military, cults, sports, and even into corporate team building. For some, the most horrific of suffering rituals brings comfort, support, and even healing.


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