Film and television by its very nature is an illusion.  But what makes it a “real” experience is how wonderfully the medium combines entertainment with education, emotion with knowlege.  Whether you are the viewer or the producer, knowledge is power.

I enjoy the process of creating television programs rich in ideas and then sharing them with the viewer so that together we are both empowered.  The more tools in our toolbox [and the sharper] the better prepared we are to take on the world.  If everyone is entertained along the way, all the better.  From music, to instructional, to reality or scripted comedy and documentaries, here are a few of the more enjoyable and empowering television experiences I have had the pleasure of contributing to.




"You see, I don't really know how to ride a motorcycle."  -Henry Winkler

[Another illusion shattered.  Hey!!!!!!!!]

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