Racism didn't just fall out of the sky.  Nor was it secreted by insects. Racism is a man made thing!  -Rubin "Hurricane" Carter



2001 Houston International Film Festival - PLATINUM REMI:

Youth & Crime: Beyond The Headlines


Featuring Rubin “Hurricane” Carter as a voice against the stereotypes that imprison and enslave youth, this evocative one-hour made-for-tv documentary special examines the current hurdles facing youth who have tripped up at some point and fallen into a life of crime.  It also investigates some of the hope held out for them.

Through emotional first-hand testimonials from three “street youth”, and two convicted criminals, the viewer becomes enlightened in how these “kids” first slipped into a life of crime and then depended on it for survival on the street.

Former boxing champion and inmate, Hurricane Carter speaks to the racial, social and economic reasons that see a decidedly larger percentage of ethnic minorities being imprisoned for crimes against society.   Police Chief Julian Fantino reveals how the police perceive their relationship with today’s youth and their role in preventing “youth crime”.   National Crime Prevention chair Barbara Hall shares the governments hope and plans to take the country’s youth off the streets by providing innovative programs that offer street youth the dignity of a sympathetic ear, and through life-skills education, the tools required to integrate successfully back into North American society.  And Lisa Hamilton, Futures Director for KYTES [Kensington Youth Theatre & Employment Service] invites the viewer into the radical program that uses theatrical experience as a safe environment for street youth to learn conflict management and the practical skills for managing their lives in a “terror filled” world that often doesn’t understand them or is unsympathetic.



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