If anybody ever tasted nicotine, they'd clearly know it's not there for taste.  -Dr. Jeffery Wigand, "The Insider"


2000 Houston International Film Festival - BRONZE REMI:

Smoking: Why Can't I Quit?


A one-hour documentary special hosted by William B. Davis [X-Files Cigarette Smoking Man] and featuring the infamous tobacco industry whistleblower, Dr. Jeffery Wigand.

This program traces several months in the lives of six heavily addicted smokers who share their intimate thoughts and their personal journeys as they attempt to quit smoking.  By offering an honest video diary approach towards recording these people’s impressions, obstacles and triumphs in their battle against nicotine addiction, Smoking: Why Can’t I Quit? examines our attitudes towards smoking and the difficulties in quitting utilizing the various cessation methods available.

The program also examines the tobacco industry’s agenda, the scope of nicotine addiction in Canada and what the federal government plans to do about it.



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