And the problem is, there is no silver bullet, no quick fix.  -Dr. Diane Finegood, PhD



Obesity: Seeking Solutions


Obesity is now considered an epidemic of historic proportions.  One in six human beings is currently considered obese, and at the present rate, one third of the world’s population will become diabetic as a result.

Obesity: Seeking Solutions explores the relationship between individuals, their obesity, and the “speed of life” at which they live.   Dr. Diane Finegood PhD and Scientific Director for the CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes – Simon Fraser University, heads a cast of Canada’s leading researchers as they discuss the links between changes in human behavior, environmental changes, and how bringing all stakeholders together can hopefully motivate the human race to loose weight.   Their ultimate goal; enlighten the general populace to stop congratulating itself on how little it has to do to accomplish something, and get people to think of physical activity as the key to increased productivity and an opportunity to work on bettering their health every day.


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