What the fudge cracker is going on here?  -Liz, character




The Smart Woman Survival Guide


This innovative single-camera scripted comedy takes us behind the scenes of a fictional lifestyle show called Smart Woman, where we follow the crazed team of women who produce the show and who must consistently find ways to survive the daily indignities doled out by their diva boss. A cross between the behind-the-scenes antics of The Larry Sanders Show and the practical panache of Martha Stewart Living and not unlike the relationship comedy of Sex In The City, the series includes must-have real-life information while entertaining with strong comedic story lines. Each episode is a race toward the production of a segment of Lana's lifestyle show where everyone's personal issues inevitably collide with their professional obligations in a finale that aims to satisfy the appetite for cool new information and comedic justice.
Written around the dilemmas of the modern woman, the series is a comedic, practical and distinctly female guide to everyday survival.


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