I may be chopping onions under really expensive lights and through an expensive lens, but I'm still chopping onions.  -Roger Mooking


2009 Houston International FIlm Festival - GOLD REMI:


2011 Yorkton Film Festival - GOLDEN SHEAF nomination
in the "LIFESTYLE" category.
2011 GEMINI AWARD nomination
Best Photography in an Information Program or Series - Ben Sharp
Best Production Design or Art Direction in a Non-Fiction Program or Series - Elisa Sauve

Everyday Exotic


Join host Roger Mooking as he explores exotic ingredients and incorporates them into everyday cooking.  In each episode, Roger focuses on one distinctive seasoning or ingredient - our obedient ingredient - and explores its provocative palate.   Armed with knowledge and inspired by demonstration and example, Roger demystifies each obedient ingredient empowering viewers to embrace the whole world of exotic international flavours and add them to their everyday midweek cooking!  In this episode Peking Duck is Roger's OI and he serves up a warm soup and sandwich combo for a cold winter's day.


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