Wendell Ferguson's Cranky Christmas DVD

Wendell Ferguson's Cranky Christmas DVD

The last thing anyone needs at Christmas is another turkey, but here he is!

Wendell Ferguson has stuffed every Christmas with more merry tunes than anyone else could play in one sitting.  He’s been called, the “Weird Al Yankovic” of country music, a buffoon, charlatan and a general nuisance… but he sure can play the guitar!

Accompanied by his band "The Smoking Section", and featuring singer/songwriter Katherine Wheatley, Wendell Ferguson's Cranky Christmas DVD captures all the silliness of the season and all the dubious humour of Toronto's Hugh's Room concert. It's a Christmas concert extravaganza that was captured as a television special but has never been seen on any TV unless you've already bought a copy of the DVD and played it at home. It features all of Wendell's soon to be delete bin favourites like, "Why Does Every Christmas Song Have So Many Chords?", "Another White Trash Christmas", "Pining Around The Christmas Tree" and the ever popular at Sunday church, "Jesus Christ! It's Your Birthday Again".

With every DVD purchased you get the holidays served up with an unhealthy helping of Christmas songs rich in humour and poor in taste. And then there's a stocking full of special features too!

2010 New York International Independent Film Festival, "Best International Musical Short"
2010 Houston International Film Festival, "Platinum Remi Award for Music Production: Special/Show"
*Currently on availabe only in NTSC, Standard Definition [SD] and proceeds directly go to support the artists responsible for this ridiculous DVD.


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